Intentional Support for Your Birth

  • Build an environment for ’undisturbed birthing’
  • Foster team spirit in the birthing room
  • Cultivate your ‘relaxation response’ & counter act ‘fight flight’
  • Comfort measures to master the intensity of labor
  • Support bonding & first breastfeeding
  • First measures for a good transition into motherhood
Silvie Falschlunger Westchester county doula

Hi, I'm Silvie Falschlunger

I’m here to listen.
I am here to help you discover what you feel,
not to make your feelings go away.
I am here to help you identify your options,
not to tell you what to do.
I am here to discuss steps with you,
not to take steps for you.
I am here to help you discover your own strength,
not to rescue you and leave you vulnerable.
I am here to encourage you to choose,
not to make it unnecessary for you to make difficult choices.

I am here to provide support during what will most
likely be the most memorable experience in your lifetime!

Doula Service Package for
Mom-to-Be & Her Partner

2 prenatal visits to support your pregnancy,
attune to your body & baby & prepare for your birth

Present at your birth for continuous support

2 postpartum visits to support recovery & transition into mother-/parenthood

Email & phone support throughout

Pregnancy, birth & transitioning into motherhood are potent times, as we change archetype from maiden to mother. My goal is to nurture & educate you & your family according to your needs & wishes. Here are some orientation points:

Prenatal Visit #1

Optimize your pregnancy, prepare for your birth vision.

(as soon as you decide to team up with me to welcome your baby)
  • cultivate a mindfulness attitude to nourish the intimate interplay between body-mind & mother-baby
  • build a team spirit with your partner & your birthing team
  • build YOUR everyday routine to optimize your pregnancy & birth with nutrition. alignment & exercise
  • prepare to go ‘inward’, be focused, relaxed & centered; calm your nervous system
  • find your strength & know your fears to prepare for the intensity of labor
  • be educated according to your circumstances to know your options
  • resources for additional professional support (varied body-work modalities, lactation support etc.)
  • learn body-practices like progressive relaxation & explore visualizations like ‘my safe place’

Prenatal Visit #2

Setting the stage for a positive birth experience.

(at 37 weeks or earlier if circumstances demand)
  • ‘rehearse the birth’ – play birth scenarios to ease into labor,get clear on evidence based birth practices
  • support for the birth partner, clarify roles & nourish relationships for a ‘big team spirit’
  • logistics for the ‘big day’ including nutritional input
  • foot rub & acupressure point massage for grounding, relaxation & alignment
  • prepare for the first hour, first day, first week once your baby arrived
Connecticut doula

At Your Birth

  • build an environment for ’undisturbed birthing’
  • build team spirit
  • support labor progression
  • provide comfort measures
  • support staying connected with your body & baby & initiate breastfeeding (if wished so)
  • support your transition & recovery

Postpartum Visit #1

Meeting at ‘the other side’.

(on day 2 or 3 after your birth)
  • to process your birth, find language & allow to keep your story open & fluid
  • support your healing & recovery (rest, be well nourished, body-work for recovery)
  • support warm connection with your baby (& check what could hinder it)
  • troubleshoot any breastfeeding &/or soothing issues with your baby
  • support your relationship with your partner & your family

Postpartum Visit #2

Find your new routines.

(once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off – usually day 4-10)
  • foot rub for mom for grounding & relaxation
  • baby massage, first tummy time & introduction to developmental movement patterns for optimal
    development & enhanced connecting
  • further networking