Professional Labor Support – Birth Coaching – Doula Services

Labor with confidence, birth in awareness, enter parenthood with grace

Birth is life transforming, sensual and intimate. While exciting it is also challenging; it requires to surrender, opening up and letting go. How can you prepare for that?

How would it feel if there is someone who supports you in finding your birth-vision, believes in your intuition and helps to build your confidence in the process? What difference would it make to have custom fit support for you and your partner’s individual needs taking your cultural background, personal life style and individual circumstances into account so you can:

  • relax and transform your fears into focused awareness & trust
  • make informed evidence-based choices that match your philosophy
  • grow and hold a close connection to your baby
  • recover, adjust and re-define your relationships with your partner, family and friends.

My services include:

  • initial free interview
  • at least two prenatal meetings in your home to talk about your visions, questions and concerns, to discuss possible scenarios and try some comfort measures in a relaxed setting
  • assistance in researching the best evidence-based information available to make YOUR birth choices
  • telephone and email support as needed
  • on-call from week 37 until 10 days after your baby is born
  • at your birth as soon as needed with nurturing encouragement, hands-on support and educational input until your baby is born and first breastfeeding and bonding is established
  • two postnatal home-visits to clarify any questions about the birth, transition to parenthood and to teach baby-massage
  • referral and resource list

All services are flexible and designed for your personal needs in the NYC Metro Area, Westchester County & Southern Connecticut; available in English and German.