Baby Massage

A tool to access the wisdom of ancient mothers

I want to invite you to follow the old tradition to massage your baby. We know touch is the most developed sense of a newborn and their first means of communication. Massage is a dance, building trust and intimacy. Your baby will feel seen and understood and the Mom (or Dad or caregiver) will experience a deep knowing and connecting with the child, learning to read cues with ease.
Research shows the benefits of baby-massage are manifold not just for the baby but for Mom too: massaging supports to build your relationship. Massage enhances the bonding process, this shared experience of belonging. It is slowing down and relaxing, heightens body awareness, improves the stability of the nervous system and resistance to disease.

Infants who are massaged regularly are more alert and sociable when awake, they tend to do more ‘vocalizing’. Babies sleep better and soothe more easily, pent up tension and anxiety can be released. Massage helps to tone the digestive tract, thereby moving gas and fecal material for easier expulsion, easing not only babies with colic issues.

How to learn?
I will show you basic strokes and advice you on the right oils and safety guidelines and YOU massage your baby. You know your baby best!

You will enjoy seeing and feeling yourself and your baby relax while entering in this intimate dialog. You will know when to use massage to comfort belly aches or settle an upset child. Massage may also serve you well to support getting into a day–night cycle.

I teach baby-massage as part of my doula package (2nd postpartum visit) or by appointement – please contact me to set up a date.


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