“My wife and I cannot express our gratitude and good fortune to have found Silvie Falschlunger. She is simply remarkable!! She is the most educated woman we have ever met on childbirth and helped us realize the most profound and meaningful experience and understanding of ‘birth’. Her deep understanding of both the medical science and the spiritual connection that occurs before and during birth allowed for me and my wife to fully engage in this most extraordinary peak experience.

Our daughter’s entry into this world was filled with love and compassion. Even when in labor and heavy contractions, the birth was ceremonious, and my wife was surrounded with care and compassion. Having Silvie with us gave my wife the additional confidence and support to endure the intensities of it all. The process would in no way be as profound and wonderful without Silvie. Her understanding ofthe mother-child relationship, the bonds created in birthing and her ability to assess and support the mother and midwife was exceptional.

We love her. Plain and simple. She is a strong, powerful woman with no ego. She is about helping mom and baby from the time we met to making sure we all have optimal health after birth. She is about educating. She is aboutkeeping mom and baby in the best natural birthing experience as possible. She is practical. She is supportive. She knows when medical interventions may be needed. In following her guidance and believing in the magic and beauty of childbirth we created an environment and birthing experience we will never forget and always be so grateful for. We will never forget the night of our daughter’s birth. And we will always remember the care, the resources and the guidance we received from this amazing woman.”

Austin & Sabina Schuster

Silvie’s help during pregnancy and birth was invaluable. As first-time parents, Silvie helped us prepare intellectually, physically and emotionally. Her wealth of experience and knowledge is unmatched, and her calm and steady demeanor brought sanity to unexpected events. Her assistance in the delivery room was indispensable, and our birth experience wouldn’t have been as positive without her by our side. She kept Kim going through the early stages of labor with pain management and movement and provided bursts of energy towards the end with aromatherapy (we will never again underestimate the power of citrus!) and good cheer. We can’t thank Silvie enough for the myriad ways she has supported us and our new baby, and recommend her with gusto.

Kimberly & Gareth Glaser

“I’m filled with gratitude for Silvie. I feel so blessed to have had you by my side for Noah’s birth. I truly don’t know what I would have done without you. You made it such a magical time for us with wisdom & strengths.”

Emily & James Kennerley

Thank you so much for being such an unbelievable Doula at our birth. We can’t even put into words how helpful, supportive and valuable all that you helped us and supplied us with was. We could not have gotten through it, as we did, without your knowledge and care. It’s so very apparent how much you love with you do and how valuable that is. We feel so lucky to have had that from you for our first baby.

Stephanie D’Agostino & Alexa Biscow