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Developmental Movement

Perceive – tune in – play and explore in tandem with your baby

Come and join this weekly 1 hour child and relationship centered group to refine your observation skills while facilitating and supporting the natural emergence of the movement repertoire of your baby in the first year of life. Touch and movement are the earliest ways in which a child gets to know itself and its world; these movement explorations and developments unfold relationally as “there is not just an infant but always an infant with a mother/caregiver” as the famous British Pediatrician D.W. Winnicot pointed out.

The group provides options to discover, engage and interact and entices you and your baby’s inherent curiosity and interest; explores the infant/caregiver dyad as it is expressed and communicated through touch and movement and how it plays out in feeding, sleeping and soothing.

The goal is to embrace each child and his/her parents to support their interactive process.

What we do:

  • take time to tune-in and observe yourself and your baby’s preverbal communication cues
  • recognize and participate in your baby’s emerging essential movement patterns
  • promote interacting with the help of touch and movement
  • enjoy floor-play at the baby’s level
  • exchange with other Moms/Dads/Caregivers and support each other

Observation Sessions are also available in a private setting, tailored to your personal needs and schedule; available in English and German.