I’m Silvie Falschlunger, passionate about birth, & excited that you found me. Are you looking for evidence based information but also heart felt inspiration on
  • How to live a healthy pregnancy?
  • How to find your birth vision?
  • How to be supported throughout YOUR birthing process?
  • How to build a nest for YOUR BABY & YOUR transition into parenthood?
  • How to be supported as a family?
Are you interested in being pro-active to explore your choices & your personal vision? Are you seeking discussion, quality learning and local resources?
Do you value professional support where you can show up with your expectations, hopes, doubts, fears and concerns?
Do you want to feel reassured in your personal vision?
Have a look around and see what resonates and inspires you.

VIRTUAL DOULA-ing via Zoom & FaceTime in this unprecedented times.

I gathered tips, strategies & resources to assist you virtually.

For updates on COVID-19 for pregnancy, birth & postpartum – check these 2 trusted resources which will link you to updated research:

Coronavirus COVID-19 | Evidence Based Birth® Resource Page


What I’m doing: I focus on conscious breathing often, keep moving to get out of any ‘freeze mode’ & be grounded. I’m committed to keep my spirits high & trust that we are not only in this together but also find a solution together.

Blessings for immense growth & safe healthy birthing!