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You empowered me to go thru this journey/process of labor and birth. Your gentle ways gave me the power I had within myself to be triumphant. Thank you for the care you gave to not only me, but to my whole family! My husband continues to remark about how wonderful you are and were throughout those three long days! — J.L. VBAC Mom

With Silvie’s loving support and advocay both during and after our son’s birth, I was able to accept my unexpected c-section as the peaceful birth I’d hoped for. My husband and I can’t thank Silvie enough for bringing our baby to me to nurse for the first time while I was still in the recovery room, within an hour of his birth. — M.L. Mom with unexpected C-Section

Silvie’s energy was perfect; her know-how to get labor going was very helpful; my appreciation for helping me to achieve the birth that was both special and healing for me and my family. — S.D. second time Mom

What was most helpful for us was your presence as someone who’s been there, done that, so reassuring! — C.C. first time Mom

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your work with my daughter. Your calm expertise, and wise woman intuition provided her with strength and resolve. I will always remember your being so present in the moment for her. Your help in exploring her past birthing experience, the connection between you two and the fact that you touched all of us on such a deep level were instrumental without doubt in her success. — B.L. Mother of VBAC Mom who attended the birth of her grandson

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