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You provided suggestions and solutions on some aspects where we didn’t even think there were alternative options. We are so grateful we hired you Silvie! — B.G. first time Dad

An Inspiring Birth Story:
When I started preparing for the birth of my son, I knew that I wanted a different birth experience than what I had had with my first child. I really wanted to have a natural, gentle birth but felt that I needed the support of a doula to help me get past “the wall” – the point at which you say to yourself, “I can’t do it anymore”. I had experienced that with my daughter two years before and knew that I would come face-to-face with that moment again – this time I wanted to be prepared!

When I met Silvie I immediately felt so comfortable with her and was able to openly discuss my fears, hopes and concerns about this second birth. She helped me psychologically – to release the fears and let go of negative feelings from my daughter’s birth and to decide with my husband what kind of birth we wanted for our son. She empowered me with information about natural childbirth and how the body works perfectly with the mind and spirit to give you the inner and physical strength that you need to be able to have a natural birth. I began to feel like it was possible to do this and regained my confidence.

As the big day approached, she checked in frequently with me, stopping by to chat or give me a foot massage, e-mailing, calling me and making me feel so nurtured and supported. When my labor finally began she was immediately available and helped me to cope with a very long early labor. And then, 24 hours into my early labor, Silvie suggested some yoga positions and breathing that helped me to re-position my baby so that labor would progress. Boy, did that work!

Within 2 hours I was in active labor, and 5 hours later I was at the hospital getting into the birthing tub. Her suggestions for breathing and “toning” helped me to stay relaxed and to open up so that I could let my body and baby do the work they needed to do. And Gabriel’s birth was the most empowering, spiritual experience of my whole life. In fact, even the nurses on staff at the hospital remarked that it was one of the most beautiful water-birth they’ve ever seen!

Silvie knew when to be an active partner, and when to sit back and simple help me just by being “present”. My husband felt so comfortable and relaxed with her there and I felt so happy knowing that I had a triangle of support – my midwife, my husband and Silvie.

After Gabriel’s birth Silvie continued to provide support, advice and knowledge – I so enjoyed learning infant massage and it is a special routine Gabriel and I share. He had a wonderful start at life and Silvie helped us make smooth transition to welcome him to our family.
— C.S. -second time Mom with background in Hypno-Birthing

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